About the Author of this Blog

Generally grumpy and angry individual. Old enough not really to care any more what people think, so I write an unabashed, and anonymous blog. I have an opinion on most things and tend to complain a lot. I get angry about the world, and my general disdain for humanity. I am turning into a grumpy old man. Fully expect to be asked to go onto that program one day, except I couldn’t bear to share the stage with Jeremy Clarkson.

I love hackers, but am not a hacker. I love the Internet, but I am not a programmer. I love the law, but am not a lawyer. This makes me uniquely qualified to complain about all three. My main research interests are theoretical and involve  different aspects of the law and policy, such as: internet governance, democracy, the role of the rule of law in the online world, social media, online privacy, and intellectual property. From time to time I’ll blog about Scots Law, Corruption, Commercial Law and Corporate Governance.

I argue a lot and have been told I love the sound of my own voice. All spelling and grammatical errors are my own.


One Response to “About the Author of this Blog”

  1. lordmac April 9, 2012 at 10:50 PM #

    why is it that David Murray can get a second loan for a company that has, and is known to have £450 million pound of debt, from the same bank that he says called in the debt of Rangers, that been the lloyds bank they gave him £118 million of a loan and first time buyers, cant get loans with good credit history

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